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Consulting Services

Design, Launch, and Scale Strategic Initiatives

I support philanthropic and nonprofit organizations conceptualize, operationalize, and scale initiatives to advance racial and economic justice, drive educational equity, and create healthy communities.


From stakeholder engagement and strategic planning, to pilot studies and project development, I help clients design, execute, grow, and amplify the impact of programs to drive systems change and social progress.

Focused Research & Communication

I assist clients to document the impact of their work, reach broad audiences with stories that inspire action, and introduce bold ideas into society about a future where everyone has what they need to thrive.


From conducting tailored research and landscape analyses; to crafting compelling white papers, case studies and annual reports; to producing impactful content for earned media, I’ll collaborate with you to share your vision and amplify your impact.

Power Learning for Continuous Improvement

I help organizations assess the effectiveness of their grantmaking and programs, refine strategic plans, and accelerate progress towards desired outcomes.


From facilitating engaging staff retreats, to guiding the establishment of robust learning frameworks that power continuous improvement,  I help teams measure impact and empower them with the knowledge, tools, and structures to drive continuous improvement.

Backbone Support for Collaborative Partnerships

I build and manage multi-stakeholder partnerships including donor collaboratives, public-private initiatives, and nonprofit coalitions.


From developing governance and decision-making systems, to helping teams meet key deliverables and deadlines, to building capacity for shared leadership, I support diverse organizations to create impactful and sustainable partnerships that drive positive change.

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