K-12 Schools and School Districts

  • Help schools to partner with stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, etc.) to engage in an Equity Mapping process designed to help school communities make strategic decisions about how to use an equity lens in pursuing excellent outcomes for all students.

  • Provide technical assistance and coaching to support the development of practices that improve recruitment, training, and ongoing support of "Master Teachers" who train student teachers or provide induction mentoring to novice teachers.

  • Assess and evaluate practices to retain teachers, and advise on the implementation of a refined approach to teacher retention with a special focus on teachers of color.

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Help you plan/facilitate trainings and staff retreats, and write curriculum for professional development

  • Support you to engage in an Impact Study process, culminating with an internal improvement plan and an external communications strategy to share your impact with stakeholders.

  • Partner with you on defining and refining your core organizational model to ensure alignment with mission, vision, and impact goals

  • Assist you in developing and advocating for policy changes to benefit your organization and constituents.

  Foundations & Philanthropic Ventures

  • Conduct research and then prepare research briefs, reports, and case studies on promising / emerging practices and organizations working effectively to address focal injustices. 

  • Provide coaching & technical assistance to grantee organizations on conducting rigorous self-evaluations for the purposes of ongoing improvement and to communicate their impact to stakeholders. 

  • Plan and facilitate meetings, retreats, professional development for groups of grantees. 


I offer services to organizations that work to improve outcomes for young people, including:

Teacher Preparation Programs, Universities, and Teacher Residencies

  • Conduct analysis of current recruiting strategies, and develop tailored strategy to strengthen practices with a particular emphasis on recruiting prospective teachers of color.


  • Provide technical support and coaching to empower teacher prep programs, universities, and local school districts to partner effectively in recruiting, preparing, training, and inducting new teachers.

  • Lead or coordinate the planning, launching, and initial implementation of university-district teacher preparation partnerships (especially teacher residency programs).

  • Assist on efforts to more deeply integrate social justice pedagogy and practices into teacher preparation fieldwork, coursework, assessments, and experiences.


Policy Organizations

  • Conduct research and then prepare research briefs, reports, and case studies on issues, practices, and best-in-field organizations to advance positions, shift practices, and support policies in order to bring about systemic reform in areas that serve as barriers to success of young people in our communities. 


  • Liase with organizations and practitioners to facilitate dissemination and uptake of emerging research.


State Education Agencies

  • Provide technical assistance and coaching to districts, universities, and organizations that are implementing new policies or practices designed to improve teacher education, professional development, or outcomes for historically marginalized students  


  • Oversee grant programs through site visits, program monitoring, documenting program implementation


  • Conduct and write research briefs to support with strategic, data-driven decision making on new grant programs and policies under consideration 


Additional Services 

  • Speeches: Provide opening or keynote speeches on topics related to educational equity, race and identity (particularly for white educators), social justice-centered teacher preparation and retention

  • Conferences: Coordinate development of themes, attendee materials (such as program guides), promotional strategies, and plans for deep participant engagement.