Justice in



Centering social justice and equity in teacher recruitment, preparation, and support is necessary in order to improve outcomes for historically marginalized groups of students.  I draw on 15 years of applying this lens as an educational leader in my partnerships with teacher prep programs, universities, school districts, and educational organizations.

I'm excited to support your organization with:

Developing new strategies and practices that lead to an increase in the number of applicants for teacher prep programs

Focus on recruiting teachers of color

Creating partnerships with people and organizations to establish pipelines of future teachers from local communities

Identifying dispositions of effective mentor teachers for new and aspiring teachers

Recruiting new mentor teachers with a focus on equity

Training and supporting mentor teachers to increase effectiveness of their coaching and mentorship

Developing course sequence and content that prepares aspiring teachers in: culturally relevant and anti-racist pedagogy, restorative justice and trauma-sensitive practices, family engagement, student-centered curriculum, etc.

Creating social and academic experiences for new and aspiring teachers that nurture deep personal and professional community-building

Bringing K-12 student voice and perceptions into teacher prep through surveys and participatory action research 

Planning and launching new partnerships between school districts and teacher prep programs with shared responsibilities for recruiting and preparing teachers

Developing a framework for what effective teachers know, are able to do, and their dispositions to act, that are aligned to district and local student needs

Improving program effectiveness through stakeholder engagement and holistic, participatory research