Research & Advocacy

Creating more equitable outcomes for young people requires that we take actions that impact and ultimately shift practices, cultures, beliefs, and policies.  In order for our actions to have the desired impact, they need to be well informed and chosen strategically.  Through avenues including research, writing, strategic communication, and social marketing, I can support your organization to act as a catalyst for just, social change.

I can support your organization to act as a catalyst for social change by:

Conducting a landscape analysis to help you learn more about a social issue, and identifying promising solutions emerging from the field as you consider new strategic initiatives and investments.


Developing and implementing communications strategies to: promote policy changes, spotlight innovative practices, disseminate findings from your research, and share the impact of your work with your peers, community stakeholders, policymakers, and other leaders in your field. 

Producing white papers, case studies, research briefs, and reports to advance a set of policies and recommendations which you believe will positively impact your constituents and communities.

Creating social media campaigns, marketing materials, email newsletters, and other promotional materials that communicate a message and influence the beliefs and practices of your intended audience.

The types of organizations I'm available to partner with include: