Planning and Facilitation

Deep and joyful learning experiences for adults are hugely dependent on high-quality facilitation and agendas that are designed around principles that support full cognitive and emotional engagement.  I love planning and facilitating, and draw from 15+ years as an educational leader across a range of professionals settings and diversity of participants.  

I can help with many types of learning events:



From 1/2-day meetings to week-long retreats, I'm able to play a variety of roles from your behind-the-scenes "thought-partner" to a lead facilitator.  Together we can create experiences that will help your colleagues deepen their relationships with one another, reconnect with your organizational vision and mission, develop or revise strategic plans, plan for and prepare to launch new initiatives, and dive into collaborative projects with clarity and excitement.  



Time is such a scarce resource!  When adults are brought together to learn, it's necessary to ensure that everyone is getting something positive and powerful from the experience.  Taking into consideration the needs and dynamics of your participants, I can help develop one-time or ongoing professional development plans that ensure your staff feel valued, engaged, and respectfully challenged whether they are learning new skills or refining practices.  This is all done with a commitment to equity - as both an outcome and part of the process - and definitely mixed with laughter and levity along the way.



Whether you're coordinating a series of meetings with peers from other organizations, a visioning session with your Board of Directors, or a forum to educate funders and prospective donors about a pressing issue and proposed solutions, I can help from the concept stage through day-of facilitation and logistics.  It's critically important that you curate just the right experience, provide the most important information in a digestible and memorable format, and have a thoughtful follow-up strategy.  With years of experience planning and coordinating such events, I'm poised to help ensure yours is a huge success.



I've spent thousands of hours in classrooms - teaching students, observing teachers, training aspiring educators - and have developed a deep understanding of effective learning processes for both young people and adults. Great curriculum integrates learning theory, culturally relevant content and pedagogy, varied modalities to ensure steady cognitive and behavioral engagement, and careful spirals and scaffolds.  I can support you with, or lead the development of curriculum to ensure that your "students" - whether they are children, after school staff, aspiring or veteran teachers, participants in a training program, etc. - have a joyful, rigorous, and transformative learning experience.


As the co-founder and former producer of the Creating Balance in an Unjust World conference, and from my background coordinating multi-day professional development seminars and field-based learning experiences, I understand what it takes to successfully plan, promote, and coordinate large-scale events that center around high-quality learning.  From recruiting speakers and participants, to developing broader themes and content tracks, to designing different modes for guests to engage with the content and each other, I can help ensure your event achieves the results you desire.