Social Justice in Teacher Education
Planning & Facilitation
Research & Advocacy

Overview of My Services

Equity Mapping

Engaging school stakeholders in working towards equity.

Shifting cultures, practices, and policies through research & strategic communication.

Supporting deep adult learning through masterful planning and expert facilitation. 

Infusing social justice in teacher recruitment, training, development & retention.

We care about making our schools more equitable, and want all young people to  thrive.  But if we're not there yet, where do we start?  This process provides K12 schools with a unique map, created collaboratively and developed based on your unique context, to support you and your community on this journey.

Creating more equitable outcomes for young people requires that we take actions that impact and ultimately shift practices, cultures, beliefs, and policies.  In order for our actions to have the desired impact, they need to be well informed and chosen strategically.  Through avenues including research, writing, communication, and social marketing, I can support your organization to act as a catalyst for just, social change.

Deep and joyful learning experiences for adults are hugely dependent on high-quality facilitation and agendas that are designed around principles that support full cognitive and emotional engagement.  I love planning and facilitating, and my experience as an educational leader working across a range of professional  

settings with diverse groups of participants will ensure that the learning experiences we create together are successful.

Centering social justice and equity in teacher recruitment, preparation, and support is necessary in order to improve outcomes for historically marginalized groups of students.  I draw on 15 years of applying this lens as an educational leader in my partnerships with teacher prep programs, universities, school districts, and educational organizations.