We care about making our schools more equitable, and want all young people to  thrive.  But if we're not there yet, where do we start?  This process provides K12 schools with a map, created collaboratively and developed based on their unique situation,  to support them on this journey.

Together we will map high-leverage and most-urgent opportunities for your school to pursue equitable and excellent outcomes for your students.

The following is an overview of the Equity Mapping process.  For an in-depth look, and to get a personalized proposal, schedule a short call or request more information. 


Step 1:  The participating school determines which data-collection tools it wants to incorporate into the Equity Mapping process.

Step 2:  Depending on the tier of support selected, I work with different groups of people connected with the school (staff, students, families, etc.) - some or all of which can be done remotely - to implement these tools and collect a variety of qualitative and quantitative data .

Step 3:  I provide the school community with some or all of the following:

  • Individualized Equity Map identifying areas of both highest need and greatest leverage that can guide work towards more equitable experiences and outcomes for students;

  • Brief summary of findings and suggested next steps to developing and implementing an Equity Plan;

  • Detailed report including quantitative and qualitative data collected, and in-depth recommendations;

  • Ongoing coaching and support with implementing and sustaining actions from the Equity Plan;

  • Recommendations for organizations, resources, and professional development opportunities to support ongoing activities.